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We are New Technology Stack capable of creating highly scalable enterprise applications for you.

Build your Web apps and Mobile Applications with us.

Progressive Web Apps ? Native Apps ? No problem.We are more than happy to help you.

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About Us

Our mission gives solution

We are a multinational Information Technology services company based in Houston ,Texas ,United States.

We develop and maintain user friendly quality-driven web applications,mobile applications, Progressive and Native applications made using latest technologies.

Highly secured and highly scalable web applications will be delivered as quick as possible with lowest possible cost. We provide full-cycle services since requirements gathering to after-production support and maintenance.

Our Employees will be involved in all aspects of software development lifecycle (requirements analysis, design, implementation, quality assurance, release management, early lifetime support) and will be working closely to the customers. We follows agile and scrum development methodology to serve our customers as well as our employees better .


Our awesome IT services which we provide for your needs


Being a new or existing business you might need or have software in place that you need to work according to your internal process. We have extensive experience in eterprise level application development. Our goal is to understand your process and remove the manual from it to make it automated so you can leverage technology to its best and improve your effectiveness.


our clients, who are industry leaders, it is not about the next big thing, it's simply everything that's next. The next experience. The next innovation. The next possibility.

We work with them to go beyond band-aid fixes and design holistic solutions that can evolve to respond to emerging allied and adjacent problems. Whether it is a partnership to fashion a new UX or modernize the core or prototype a new digital offering, we take a holistic view of their transformation journey, find the allied problems worth solving and help them navigate their transformation from that point onward, more purposefully.

Agile Methodology

Truly digital business take the agile-approach enterprise-wide. It is in scaling that agile that many enterprises flounder. Our aim is to enable our clients to adopt agile, with governance that ensures frequent decision-making is managed by software. This agility is not compromised even when scaled exponentially. We enable clients to scale agile and DevOps adoption across the enterprise, thereby accelerating their digital journey. We help them embrace agile ways of working, including training and reskilling their workforce. Our lean-based value stream models help in visualizing and accelerating throughput across the business value chain. Our customized agile methodologies address the needs of the complex enterprise technology landscape. We empower our clients to scale teams using talent pools in-market and at our proximity centers, amplified by teams across global locations.

Result Oriented Approach

Set challenging and competitive goals Assume responsibility for each other and for our customers Focus on output Execute flawlessly.


K S Narendran

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Vice President

Sabu Kurian


Our customers from worldwide & trusted us many years

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